Charlie the Mouse and the Best Christmas Ever Book Trailer

Join Charlie the deaf mouse for his holiday adventure and perilous quest for his favorite Christmas gingerbread.

It’s the perfect last minute Christmas gift! You can get it HERE.

Charlie the Mouse and the Best Christmas Ever is a new children’s classic story book for the Christmas and holiday season by author Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel with co-author Peg Heron Heidel.

– A note from the authors –

The character of Charlie the Mouse was inspired by the lineage of field mice who have snuck into our home throughout the years. We live on what once was a farm so the numbers have been plentiful than we would have liked. We, however, chose to save their lives and used plastic traps like the one shown below. With some peanut butter and a cracker as bait the trap door closes the mice in and they stay safe inside until we find them the next morning. They tend to eat everything in the trap box and work up a sweat so never delay in relocating them. The wee critters will return to your home very shortly thereafter if you don’t take them miles away to a new field or barn. They have amazing tracking skills.

It seemed natural to us to name the star of our story Charlie. We named every mouse visitor we found in the boxes. Each one came with his or her own personalities but with one common denominator: love of food. Sweets were usually their favorites. Thus, the character of Charlie was conceived and brought to life with this story. We hope you have enjoyed it and will be on the lookout for future tales of Charlie the Mouse and his adventures.

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One Wife to Give: Chipmunk Thanksgiving

Watch One Wife to Give’s newest episode and join Errotica Cane and Nopal Garter on their wild and funny adventure at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! A portion of proceeds from this episode go to the Make It Fake Anti-Fur Campaign! Thanks for watching and supporting our cause! 

Buy the soundtrack (How the Devil Can Dance, Tic Tac Toe and Black Glove) by Phil Laing here: https://soundcloud.com/phillaingmusic

Parental guidance is strongly suggested, Some material may not be suitable for small children. (Season 2 Comedy Web Series).

One Wife to Give is a satirical, comedic melodrama-parody webseries based on the soap opera genre following the lives of Soap Opera stars Errotica Cane and Nopal Garter. 

Written and produced by the Heartbeat Network. Starring Peg Heron Heidel, Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel and Harry James; copyright 2015. Not to be copied or reproduced without authorized written permission from Whatsit Productions Company, all rights reserved.

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One Wife to Give: Errotica’s Massage Clip

An all new clip of One Wife to Give is here!

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Starring Peg Heron Heidel and Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

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Spooks and Kooks; Heartbeat Halloween Specials



One Wife to Give


It’s Tea or the Dog

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One Wife to Give

One Wife to Give: Booby Trapped Clip

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Starring Peg Heron Heidel as Errotica Cane and Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel as Nopal Garter