One Wife to Give

One Wife to Give: Booby Trapped Clip

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Starring Peg Heron Heidel as Errotica Cane and Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel as Nopal Garter


Introducing the Heartbeat TV!

Hello to all of our dear fans!

I’m sure you are all a bit confused by our rebranding our company under a different name, but we can assure you that nothing has changed other than the title! From being called Whatsit TV to now the Heartbeat Network, we’re still broadcasting all of your favorite shows such as One Wife to Give and it’s still us, Peg and Maggie Lynn at the helm of the company. The Heartbeat Network is dedicated to providing entertainment in a heartbeat, 24/7 right at your fingertips.

Brainchild of mother/daughter team Peg Heron Heidel and Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel, Heartbeat is a medley of bosom-heaving comedy and parodies designed to brighten the world with humor. We write the scripts, cast our characters, act, direct, and even do our own filming.Our theme JUST BE YOU is a passion of ours. In a world of labels we endorse individuality.A portion of our proceeds goes to various charities across the world and changes month to month. So, sit back and let your sense of humor fly. We take our comedy seriously and hope you will, too.Thank you for being such supportive fans! We love you all and hope to continue to entertain you well into the future.